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Restorations (Fillings)

When a tooth suffers from decay it becomes weakened and may in some cases become fractured.  This is why Family Dental Health feels so strongly about preventative care and routine x-rays and examinations. Catching decay when it is small can save you money and discomfort.


Regular Check-ups &



Combined with daily flossing and proper brushing, having your teeth cleaned every 6 months is critical to your dental health. Once a year, we will take a set of digital bitewing x-rays to check for cavities between your teeth. Our hygienist will gently clean your teeth and check for small cavities. 

Crowns, Inlays, Onlays

When a tooth is over 50% filling it has been weakened and is at risk for fracture. In these situations it is recommended to have the tooth covered by a crown, an inlay, or an onlay.

A crown can make your tooth stronger as well as make it look better. It can protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore one that is already broken. Inlays and onlays are partial crowns in that they protect the teeth but do not completely cover the tooth. Depending upon the specific needs of the tooth Dr. Mary will choose which option is best for you.


Dentures and


Laser Teeth Bleaching

A full denture or Valplast partial can be a good option for replacing missing teeth. Our dentures are made over a series of 4 visits and are customized for each patient. Using this technique, you will have the best fitting denture possible! Our partials are made from a material called Valplast. It's a flexible material that eliminates the metal framework. In your mouth, the partial blends in with gum tissue so all anyone can see is the teeth!

If you want a dazzling white smile, then Deep Bleaching is for you! We use the best technique known by combining 2 in office sessions with 2 weeks of "at home" bleaching with trays. You will be provided with enough gel for regular maintenance with your at home custom trays to keep your smile bright white for years to come!

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